Welcome to My New Blog

I’ve decided to move my blog. This is a sad day for me, but my posts have long-since outgrown testingReflections. The content of my blog posts is now about so much more than just testing that it doesn’t seem to make sense hosting it there anymore.

I’m still the curator of testingReflections and intend to continue to be so, as I still get many people telling me how valuable it is to them. I have many plans for it, to bring it up to date but I simply haven’t had the time. I am working hard to make that time, so I appreciate your continued patience.

I’ll continue to cross-post to testingReflections for some time to come, but this is where you’ll find my latest posts so you may now wish to grab my feed from here.

You can find my entire history of blog-posts on testingReflections. From time to time, I’ll pull some of my favourites over to this site and perhaps even update some of them.